Air Cooled Chilling Plant

Our Air Cooled Chilling Plant ensures the best quality and smooth running of the entire plant. As all the responsibilities covering Designing, Manufacturing, Installation and Service is done by our experienced engineers, we assure you the stand by attendance to Pre and Post installation problems.

Product Description

Compressor :

  • Reciprocating / Scroll compressor / Semi Hermetic of Reputed Make.

Condenser :

  • Fin-tube type Condenser having compact design. High pressure cut out is being provided for the safety of plant.

Chiller/Evaporator :

  • Condensed liquid refrigerant is being expanded in DX Chiller through expansion vale.
  • Water is being circulated through Shell Side having baffles arrangement.

Capacity :

  • As per clients requirement as we manufacture the customized unit.

Product Features

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Color NA
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