Dry Cooler

Dry Coolers are multiple row compact finned tube coolers with direct drive fans. The fluid circulates in multiple passes through the tubes and cooling air flows over the exterior finned surface. They are designed to provide cooling variety of closed loop applications. The compact plate fin heat transfer surface provides a compact and efficient air cooled Dry cooler.

Product Description

Product Detail

The tube is made of special high performance copper, Mild Steel (MS) and Stainless Steel (SS) both internally and externally grooved fins (as per requirement) for a low fouling factor with high heat transfer capacity. The Offered product is precisely designed in compliance with ASME & TEMA Code.

We serve a range of dry air coolers in a modular design of Flat-bed and V-bank /W-bank units arranged in single and double bank configurations with multiple module lengths.

The range of dry cooler combinations enable the closest possible matching to a required specification taking into consideration duty, cost, noise level as well as size and efficiency.


  • Flat-bed
  • V-bank /W-bank

Product Features

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