Compressor Cooler

Compressor Cooler

DCON offers high quality Compressor Cooler (Pre / Inter/ After cooler) that is highly appreciated for long lasting life and good performance in air compressors. Prepared using advanced technology, our Compressor Cooler is ideal for air / gas compressor. Compressor cooler is considered as the lung of compressor as its cooling effect directly influences the performance and efficiency of air / gas compressor.

Pre cooler :

OMEEL Coilsoffer wide range of pre-Cooler. The coolers offered by us are developed by the experts keeping in mind the requirements of the industries. We are one-step ahead of our competitors in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a qualitative range of pre- Coolers. These are precisely engineered to reduce air temperature under extreme conditions. Manufactured from premium quality copper/stainless steel with ends ARC/TIG welded, our coolers are acclaimed for durability and ergonomic design. Our products are acclaimed for high performance and ensure their adherence with the industry standards.

Inter cooler :

Most industrial compressors operating today are a multistage design. To optimize the cost of compressing gases it is popular to use multi-stage industrial compressor. When the Air compressor compresses air, heat is generated this causes the air to expand requiring an increase of HP for further air compression. It’s suited between the first & second stage of multistage air compressor. the role of the compressor inter cooler is to provide colder, dryer, denser air to the next stage of compression.

OMEEL Coils can provide just the intercooler element OR the entire unit including the outer casing.

After cooler :

After coolers are heat exchangers that remove the heat from compressed air. The most common compressor after coolers use much cooler ambient air or cool water to remove the heat, which is also effective in removing moisture from compressed air.

We hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying extensive range of an After Coolers that are fabricated with utmost precision. Our products are available in different designs and shapes and satisfy the diverse requirements of the clients efficiently. Our entire product range is in compliance with international standards of quality.